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CDEP 101 for First-Year Students

Starting in 2021, the HBCU CDM Employee Advisory Committee will launch the Career Development & Employment Program 101 (CDEP 101) to equip first-year HBCU students with a comprehensive career toolkit and the ability to understand and “tell their story”. The workshops are the first step in a four-year CDEP designed to support our belief that effective planning, preparation, confidence, direction, and community will lead to meaningful careers and lives.

The 5-hour program is divided into four 75-minute workshops that are designed and taught by the HBCU CDM Employee Advisory Committee and are offered in both the Fall and Spring of the students’ first year.

Our topics include:

• Transition from High School to College: How to become a Collegiate/Selecting the Correct Major
• Self-Assessment and Awareness: Identification of personal strengths/talents and how they impact career decision making and the development of effective job search marketing collateral
• Written Communication: Development of tangible self-marketing pieces: resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and electronic business correspondence
• Career Resources: Knowledge and proper use of career exploration resources

CDEP 201 for Sophomores

Starting in 2021, the HBCU CDM Employee Advisory Committee will launch the Career Development & Employment Program 201 (CDEP 201) for sophomores which focuses on job search readiness. The curriculum is centered on internship search techniques, verbal communication, testing your career interest/overview of experiential learning, and interviewing preparation and practice (which includes a mock virtual interview with an HBCU CDM EAC member).

Our topics include:

Testing Your Interest/Experiential Learning: Test your career chosen field, and ways to build professional interest in your chosen field
• Verbal Communication: Development of elevator pitch and professional informational meeting and networking skills
• Interview Preparation and Practice: Preparation based on major related industries, positions, and proper etiquette in both a virtual and in-person environment

CDEP 301 for Juniors and Seniors

Starting in Spring 2021, an exciting addition to the HBCU CDEP curriculum will be offered – Career Development & Employment Program 301 (CDEP 301) is offered to juniors and seniors and focused on their career development based on their specific MAJOR.

CDEP 301 courses will educate upperclassmen about advanced job searching as it relates to their particular major, related jobs and industries, career and recruiting timelines, and help students develop their career development toolkits, and career management skills. The 5-hour program is divided into four 75- minute workshops spread over both the Fall and Spring semesters and the classes will be designed and taught by the HBCU CDM EAC members.

Our topics include:

• Career Systems: Required training, skills, knowledge, education, opportunities for growth, related fields, industry, etc.
• Advanced Resume and Cover Letter Development reflecting major competencies and market demand, skills, and experience
• Salary and Offer Negotiation Tactics
• Advanced Career Action Planning for Junior and Senior Year

Some “Added Value Incentives” for Student Participation

Upon completion of the first level CDEP 101 course you will be eligible to participate in the HBCU CDM Virtual Conference.

 Also, for all students that participate, their names will be given to their respective Career Directors for possible annotation of successful course completion on each students transcript and or extra credit.

For more information stop by and see your Career Services Director for further details.  


Calendar Schedule

1.) The Freshman Roadmap: How to Set Yourself Up for Success for the Next 3+ Years
5:00 pm – 6:15 pm EST

2.) What Employers Look for in Candidates:
From Resume to Job Offer
5:00 pm – 6:15 pm EST

3.) Effective Communication

4.) How to Build a Network in a Virtual World
5:00 pm – 6:15 pm EST