Our Mission

The HBCU Career Development Marketplace Inc. is centered around a national conference designed to inform and educate new entrants into the workforce about corporate America. During this national conference, students attend a series of workshops about what to expect after graduating and how to effectively begin a career, speak face-to-face with experienced HBCU alumni from many different professions, andĀ gain access to representatives from corporations, organizations and government agencies seeking to hire talented students. The event is primarily focused onĀ giving them the opportunities to practice marketing themselves to potential employers and make connections that could lead to the beginning of their career.

How It Works

  • The HBCU Career Development Marketplace event is composed of three different elements.

    A Series of Workshops

    This component provides the opportunity for students to hear from prominent and influential speakers that will help prepare them for success after graduation.

    The Career Fair Marketplace

    A great opportunity for talented HBCU students serious about pursuing a professional career to meet corporations and government agencies.

    Town Hall Meetings

    Current HBCU students can speak informally with HBCU alumni from key industries about the career path they are interested in pursuing.


  • The best aspect of this Conference was the fact that there were many exhibitors that have intern positions for HBCU students.
    Council on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO)
  • This conference is uplifting and helping minorities succeed in the work force.
    Kiara Williams, Norfolk State University