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What  is  HBCU  CDM?

The HBCU CDM mission is to inform, educate, and prepare students from HBCUs about corporate America as they transition into the workforce. The conference has remained free for students to attend, and as a result, it has strengthened the leadership and professional skills of thousands of HBCU graduates. The HBCU CDM teaches students how to prepare for professional opportunities and greater productivity after graduation.

This conference is like no other, it covers three days and is comprised of five functions: 1) town hall meetings, 2) workshops/plenary sessions, 3) oral competition, 4) meet and greet sessions, and 5) 1:3 employer-student matchmaking sessions, or the Fields of Interest Career Fair. Since the inception of the HBCU Career Development Marketplace, over 5,000 HBCU students from 40+ HBCUs and 14 states have participated in this inspirational conference. Last year, we had 20% of the students that participated receive interest in either an internship, job opportunity, or both.

The HBCU CDM Conference consist of:

Series of Workshops

Featuring prominent and influential speakers that will help prepare students for what to expect after graduation.

Town Hall Meetings

A great opportunity for companies to meet talented HBCU students pursuing their careers.

1 on 3 Sessions / Field of Interest Career Fair

Connect directly with vetted and major-specific talented students serious about pursuing a career.

Oral Competition

Students are given a CURRENT world issue topic and MUST present a 3-5 min response that will be judged by companies sponsoring the conference.

Meet & Greet Sessions

One hour session where companies can reach out to more students both inside and outside of their Field of Interest.

Attending Majors by Percentage

Attend the Conference.Become a Sponsor.Be an Exhibitor.Make a Donation.
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